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Professional One-on-One Tutoring

Our mission is to empower students by providing personalized tutoring and support to foster academic success and personal achievement.

Walter Spiniolas graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Business Administration and worked in market research, management, and training. When he moved to Florida, Walter became a certified teacher of Mathematics and taught at middle schools and high schools in Lake and Orange Counties as well as having taught an SAT Prep course at Montverde Academy and having consulted at one of the lowest-performing high schools in Lake County with considerable success. He now tutors grades 4-12 Mathematics. State of Florida standardized tests, including the Algebra and Geometry EOC exams, are among the assessments for which he’s prepared students who regularly experience learning gains as a result of his tutoring. Walter’s great love of math and his ability to meet students at their current level dispels many students’ fear of mathematics and helps them master challenging concepts and skills.

Laura Cerenzio graduated from the City University of New York – Brooklyn College and relocated to Florida in 1971. As a certified teacher in English/Language Arts, she taught at middle schools and high schools in Orange and Seminole Counties, at the PACE Center for Girls, and at Valencia College and the University of Central Florida. Laura brings her passion for teaching to her work as a tutor and enjoys working with students on every aspect of Language Arts. She is happy to still be working with school and college-age students and is grateful to tutor these young people who make her feel as if she’s not “working”!